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Make a Payment Ltd has developed this popular design, now available in four sizes:

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County Catch

The County Catch on a Gate

County Catch
Back plate height 24cm
Back plate width  10cm
Weight  2.1kg
To fit 3 inch gates

If you would like to order more than 1 County Catch please call or email for discount on postage

Equine Estate Catch

Equine Estate CatchBack plate height 16cm
Back plate width  8.5cm
Weight  700g
To fit 3 inch gates
Designed with a longer, wider handle for ease of use from horseback
Gate Catch Extended Handle

Estate Catch

The Equine Estate Catch on a Gate

Estate Catch
Back plate height 16cm
Back plate width 8.5cm
Weight 680g
To fit 3 inch gates

Farm/Garden Catch

Garden and Farm Catch

Farm/Garden Catch
Back plate height 16cm
Back plate width 6.5cm
Weight 500g
To fit 2 inch gates

Conversion Kit for One Way Catch

Easy Access For All

No matter the need for one of our gate catches, we're sure to have the right product for you. Available in four sizes, all of our catches are incredibly simple to use and are not affected by normal gate drop.

Easy Equine Access

Originally designed to withstand the challenges of moving horses through gates safely. By fitting our catches horses are always allowed to move forwards through the gates irrespective of direction of approach and don't have to return to the post to lock gate shut.

Easy Disabled Access

By fitting our catches, disabled access becomes much easier as allows the gate to open in both directions never having to backup in a wheelchair or with a walker or walking sticks. The catches are easy to open just by lifting one finger so no gripping or force is needed and again no need to return to the gate post to lock the gate shut.

The County Catch

The largest in our range it complements wooden five bar gates of all lengths, can be used on horse arenas, manages and paddocks as well as rights of way access.  RRP £74.99

The Estate Catch

Working in exactly the same way, the Estate Catch is smaller. Equally affective on gates as the County Catch. The handle rests at 2cm above the back plate and is 9.5 cm wide. RRP £42.00

The Equine Estate Catch

As the above but with an extended and enlarged handle for ease of use from horseback. The handle is 1cm higher and 1cm wider than the Estate catch. RRP £43.99

The Garden Catch

Open your gate with just one finger and lock it back into place with a slight push. Designed to an extremely high standard, our garden catches fit any 2 inch wooden, metal, or plastic gates. This enables you to open your gate in both directions for added convenience. 

RRP £24.99 to provide easy access for:

Pushchairs • Dog Walkers • Gardeners with Wheelbarrows • Those in a Wheelchair • People on Crutches

We recommend that Stainless Steel Coach Bolts be used with the above catches to keep them looking good for years. At only £3.00 for 4 bolts pleaes visit our accessories page. 

The Metal Gate Catch

Never back up again while taking care of your livestock by utilising our farm metal gate catch. They are designed to fit all gates up to 2 inches thick. They allow you to drive right up to your gate and open it freely. Once you have moved through the opening, simply push it back to its original position and it will remain locked in the centre. RRP £24.99

Contact us today, in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, to learn more about our robust gate catches and fittings.

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