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The need for a gate catch that allows the gate to be opened in both directions for the ease of moving horses through prompted the development of the unique catch that we sell today as there was no latch on the market that fulfilled our needs. After developing this latch for our own use at our livery farm Phil had an accident that left him in a wheelchair for many months, and found that our catch was ideal for use for the disabled and infirm as providing a safe and easy way of moving through gates.


Here at we have developed what our customers regard as the best two way gate catch available today, the gate will open away from you in both directions so you will never have to back-up, will lock shut with just a push or will self close with a self-closing hinge. Our catch has nothing on the gate therefore gates that drop will still work perfectly.


The catches were originally designed to withstand the challenges of moving horses between the gated enclosures of an arena as backing up several of these animals to go through a gate is hazardous. By fitting the catch to each gatepost, horses are always allowed to move forward through the gate irrespective of direction of approach, consequently there is never a need to back up. The catch is made from stainless steel and built to last in the UK. It is renowned for its easy opening and closing and can be fitted in a couple of minutes with stainless steel coach screws. Gate drop does not affect the catch and there are no fiddly pins or bolts to negotiate to open or close it. The catch is lockable if desired using a standard padlock.


The Catches are:

  • Simple to use
  • The gate openeds easily from horseback or from the ground; from a wheelchair or even whilst holding a wheelbarrow, a pair of crutches or a dog.
  • Two-way opening gate so you are always moving forward through the gate, though with a conversion kit they can be one way opening too.
  • The gate closes with a push; no need to reverse back to the gate to close it.
  • Locked back in the middle every time, all the time.
  • Not affected by normal gate drop.
  • Fitted in minutes.
  • Lockable gate with a padlock from either side if desired
  • A rugged construction: they last a lifetime and beyond
  • Perfect for wooden, plastic or metal gates
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